Xbox 1 online community for Borderlands

Hey all. I own Borderlands 2 for PC but have no extra content. I can buy the Handsome Jack collection for xbox 1 for much much less- is there a thriving online community for the game still, or is it a waste of cash.

The borderlands universe is fairly new to me (grabbed BL 2 for cheap on a sale) but I don’t want to drop a bunch of cash on a dead game.

Given that it can all be done without needing any online assistance, i’d say get it for Xbox One. It isn’t just a co-op game, it can also be a solo game. That said, there are still plenty of people on here who play on Xbox One, myself included. It’s cheap now isn’t it? For the amount of content you get, you’ll struggle to find better value from any other game purchase you could make.

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Still a good number of active players. There’s the relevant forums category, as well as multiple Borderlands clubs on XB1:

And, as @Vinterbris said, the game is still great fun solo. Plus you get TWO games plus all the DLC and expansions for both for the price of one (discounted) game.

Yup. It’s $20 brand new. :slight_smile:


Seriously, you’re getting 2 lots of $60 game, plus around $100 (maybe more, i’m from the UK so this is a guess) of extra content, for $20. Now, from where I come from, that sounds like a deal :slight_smile:

Contrast that with whatever the new generic shooter costs, and taking what you can do alone into account, you’d probably get 10 hours if you’re lucky. Ok I know most people play those games for multiplayer, but the beauty of Borderlands is, you can do it all solo, and if you get stuck, myself or someone else could jump in and help, and then leave you to carry on solo. Not many games allow that, you either play solo or co-op, with no crossover (Divinity comes to mind).