Xbox 360 BL2 level 50-61 players. Mic required

I’m looking for people to play BL2 on the 360. I’m am currently level 55 and I am trying to get to level 61 to try and get my first Seraph or Pearlesent weapon. I have both Ultimate Vault Hunter upgrades but I have deleted the second so that Seraph Crystals will drop from Seraph Gaurdians. Once I have fully tricked out my Gunzerker and have a perfect level 61 build I will reinstall UVH2 and level to 72. I also have all DLC apart from the headhunter packs.

I am 17, living in the UK and would like others from the same areas. A mic would be nessasary as I would like to communicate with others in my play session. The more to join the better. So if you know others to join in then bring them along.

My GT on 360 is Mr Spaceman 97. Add a message that you found me on this Gearbox forum.

My GT is ColllinisBallln. Not from the UK, but I’m a lvl 54 Maya and I have a mic.