XBOX 360 Claptastic Voyage won't load

Hi there, having the same issue as many others. All portions of DLC have been downloaded, as well as comparability pack, more than once.
Where is the fix? What am I missing?
I also see *13 1/2 in my fast travel system and like everyone else, I’m asked to download the dlc yet again. I don’t have that much time to download it over and over again, especially as that clearly isn’t the problem.
Are you dispensing refunds? Or is a fix coming? Really eager to play!

Which part is it saying your missing for me it’s part one that’s 2gb

Part one. Just like everyone else. It isn’t missing though. It’s downloaded and has been downloaded more than oneceZ

Part 1 and the Compatibility pack should say installed.

They do say say installed but next to them it says not downloaded in red but they are downloaded