Xbox 360 Controller Issue

So, I started playing the game shortly after servers went online and played a couple of hours, game ran well enough and my controller worked. I’m trying to boot it back up to play some more, but it won’t recognize my controller anymore? It’s not my controller, because I checked with Skyrim and it works fine so I’m wondering what to do? I’ve also tried unplugging the controller and plugging it back in, but that didn’t work.

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get an xbox one controller its 2019

Until I have money, this is what I have. Again, it worked the first time but now it doesn’t want to, and I would like to fix that for the time being.

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yea the game is garbage and full of bugs

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the game is garbage; it has some issues right now yeah and they kinda need fixing but I don’t quite think they’re that bad. On the plus side, I figured out what happened!

If you think you’re controller is acting up and decide to switch and then switch back, it goofs and thinks you are using a “player 2” slot, and the only way I fixed it was that I had to restart my computer because of a graphics card driver update and now it works. So it was some dumb combination of weirdness with the game and user error.

I’m using an Xbox 360 Controller (wireless dongle) as well for PC. For me the controller disconnects the moment the rumble feature is triggered (shooting, sliding, etc.). I had to turn off rumble from the settings and it works fine now. Not sure if that’ll help you, but it’s worth a shot.

Same. I have an xbox 1 controller, literally just opened it from the box for this game. I loaded BL2 and it works fine, load this game and it will not detect input ingame. Xbox button brings up capture screen and i can scroll with it in that menu, i close it with xbox button and go back to the game and still get no input registration. I triple checked to make sure controller was enabled in the settings and even toggled it on/off a few times but still am not getting a response from it in game

Same issue, super-frustrated. I’m disabled and literally CANNOT use keyboard/mouse to play so I have to use a controller. Can’t get the controller to work at all.

The issue I am having with both my Xbox 360 and Steam controller is that move joystick does not work. I have tried to assign WASD keybindings but that does not work. All the other functions of the controllers seems to work but I cannot move!
Anyone else having this problem or know a fix?

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I restarted my computer after Install and it worked. I noticed whenever I unplugged and reconnected the controller it would say so in game so I knew it was aware the controller was there. After restarting computer it worked instantly.

It is only the movement thumbstick on the controller that does not work, but that means I cannot move at all.
I tried restarting and changing preferences but I have not figured out a solution.
When I use the thumbstick the character gesticulates, but does not move.

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Hi. Have you found a solution to this issue yet? Im stumped

no solution.

only way around it is to ditch the controller and use mouse and keyboard

There are people using controllers, though… I’m pretty much incapable of mouse and keyboard… If I find an answer I will post:)

Try a different USB port. I’ve had the same issue. Sometimes restarting does the trick. This time around it only liked a certain USB port.

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Bump on this issue. I’ve not had any luck getting my controller to work. It’s working properly in my game controller settings in windows, and it works perfect in every other game I play. Only having an issue getting BL3 to detect it. (And I tried a different USB port)