Xbox 360 controller on pc

While this might not be the best place, this seems to be more well traveled than the pc technical forum. Have game running on steam windows version. Using the xbox 360 controller, every time I aim down sights my gun reloads. Is this new to the game series or do I have a bug or glitch going on? Anyone else ever run into this problem? I’ve scoured the internets to no avail, didn’t even turn up a reference to such an issue. Thanks!

Unplug your controller…reboot you pc…plug it back in

Are you running any kind of key remapping software??


You were on the right track. Remembered I had recently installed pinnacle. Removed that and back to normal. Thanks for the advice!!

For the record in this style of forum, no matter what topic you post under everyone will get a “New (1)” on their front page (unless they specifically mute that category) so you don’t have to go where the traffic is to get noticed :smiley: