Xbox 360 - New starter to borderlands 2


I’ve recently bought borderlands 2 on Xbox, never played it before.

I was hoping someone to help me to do the campaign as I’m new to this game I was hoping for someone to show me the ropes.

Can anyone help me?

I’d be willing to start a new toon and go thru NVHM with you. If you’d like to know a bit more before you start, I’d suggest giving this a look see.

Also, welcome to the forums.

Thank you, I shall give that link a read but I fear I’ve already made a mistake. I started as Zer0 thinking I’ll get to use the sword instead of it just as a melee weapon. I may change to another character, probably axton as it seems to be the best choice for a novice.

background information I guess is, I bought Borderlands 2 about a week ago only just thought I’d give it a try but it seems like a pretty awesome game. I mainly play fps games (call of duty, battlefield etc) but occasionally skyrim.

My gamertag is The RS Ninja.

I’m not really sure what else to put to be honest.

I would love to join in and run a new toon. I have some of everything and am looking for a group to start anew with. Do you mind if I join?

Ok with me, how about you @TheRSninja?

Sounds mighty fine to me, when did you want to start playing Borderlands 2?

I’m ready when you guys are

I lied, tomorrow the 6th would be better.

That’s good with me. I finish work at 5:20 so would need to be 6pm onwards.

What time zone is everyone in? I’m GMT-8.

I’m in the UK so GMT I guess?

Ok so 6 pm your time is 10 am for me

What time is best for you?

Any. I guess it depends when @dracohorriblus is available.

It’s my 1000 as well. I’m good for then!!! Yay people to play with! :sunglasses:

What’s your tag?

@BTK420247 whats your tag draco can catch up to play with us on Borderlands 2 another day maybe.

Saves the wait

Tag is BTK420247

I’m heading to my parent’s house this weekend so I won’t be on much if at all until Monday

Me too!Night it about ten days ago! Im also looking fir people to play with. Can I join? GT: ALintentionally