Xbox 360 players! FREE BLTPS GEAR! Borderlands TPS Weapons & Gear - STORY UVHM -

I have each character leveled to 65+ and it’s hella boring playing alone… I would like to complete the story in UVHM. Anyone on the 360 playing Borderlands TPS alone? Need better gear?? It’s not fun. Let’s party up. I have tons of weapons & gear to trade to any player who needs a quick upgrade to move forward butt slammin’ fools in UVHM. All I expect in return is a little teamwork on the story. Add me on Xbox LIve: CoyGrimJoy or lBipolar or PikachuShrooms xXx Let’s Go! xXx P o w e r - L e v e l e r xXx

Add me if u want my gamertag is PeterL2014

Same GT: BTK420247