Xbox 360 Pre Sequel Claptastic voyage issue

For some reason the DLC will not load and says I have to download a patch. Is anyone else having this issue?

There are two parts to the DLC - did you download them both? Check on your storage device in the TPS folder.

I have gotten the message a few times randomly within the last week or two I usually just ignore it and load up my game as normal and everything works fine. Also I sometimes get the message saying I dont have part of the claptrap DLC and that I need to download it again so I just hit download and it jumps up to 100% right away the issue is getting it to recognize “new dlc” was downloaded and install it sometimes going back to the title screen after redownloading will install it and sometimes I have to do the whole process 2 or 3 times to make it work. When this happens and it finally installs the DLC again I get that patch error you described and I ignore it and play the game.

I’m wondering if the code that checks is buggy because this is the first DLC that comes in two parts, and its not set up quite right? Whenever I check the in-game “Downloadable Items” menu, it always shows part 2 as not being installed, but it’s right there on the drive and I’ve not had any problems playing it. I also got the “patch required” after installing part 2 but, since I knew I’d already successfully installed both the most recent update and the compatibility pack, I just ignored it.

I have been trying ever since it came out. I deleted it 4 times and redownloaded it. I am trying one more time.