Xbox 360 -> PS4 save transfer


I am curious if a cross-platform save transfer is possible? I used to play Borderlands 2 and ai have maxed out characters OP lvl8 and i would like to transfer them to my PS4. If it is not possible 2 will it be possible later?


It’s unfortunate, but you can’t cross save between Xbox and Playstation.

Read the Borderlands Reddit. Ahem.

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this is so dumb

I have put countless hours into the series and now we’re both getting screwed by not being able to have any of that

well, I know what game I won’t be playing now

Don’t act so entitled. You sound like a PC gamer.

Seriously though, what game in History has ever allowed cross platform saving?

Diablo III and GTA V are two that I know of, but the cross-save system in those games is different. The saves in those games are stored online in their own exclusive clouds, not the console’s. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible for Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel. I’m also locked out of this feature, since I switched platforms as well. I made it through all of the stages of grief already. Denial, anger, bargaining, blah, blah, blah… Now I’ve accepted it. I’ll just keep playing them on the 360 and I’ll definitely play BL3 once it’s released for the new gen, but I don’t think I’ll buy the Handsome Collection anymore.

Well gawd dang, had no idea that Diablo did. Not a GTA fan so didn’t even bother at that one. I could have sworn it was the same rules. PS3 to PS4, XB360 to XB1. Had no idea you could go PS3 to XB1.

Diablo 3

I don’t see a point to bringing back a 6 month old thread just to say something that was already said.