Xbox 360 to Xbox one Saves tranfer

I have 2 questions the first is I know that its one save per account but is it one save per game too so can I transfer a BL2 save and a BLTPS save on one account. Second of all I currently play BL2 and BLTPS on 360 but when I go next gen im trading in my 360 so will I be able to Upload saves to cloud, Wipe Xbox hard drive, Get xbox one, load up Handsome collection and download it there???

If its the same as PS4 you can upload one save from each game at a time to the cloud. You could get all of your characters across, one at a time, if you have both your 360 and your One.

If you trade your 360 to get the One you will still be able to download the two characters that you stored in the cloud. You have to use the same GT on both the 360 and the One, of course.

Sounds good but will it still work if I wipe hard drive after upload on my 360???

Should work as it just makes a copy of your character, it doesn’t move it.

Anyway, the full details are in the News section of this sub.