Xbox 360 to Xbox one

is there any way to get progress from xbox 360 to move over to xbox one? (borderlands 2)

Yes. You use the cloud save menu WITHIN THE GAME to transfer saves one at a time from 360 to XB1. This means you have to still have both consoles, obviously. This also transfers your heads, skins, etc. but is ONLY one way.

  • Start game on 360, and use character select option to choose a character
  • Use the Cloud Save menu in game to upload the character save
  • Start game on XB1
  • Use the same menu to download the character save to XB1 (choose the “Save as new” option if prompted)
  • Go back to 360, select different character
  • Rinse and repeat as needed

You can do the same process with TPS saves as well.