[XBOX] A Hunter, Through and Through achievement?

hello I have been reading that to kill the 4 rare spawns a friend on your friends list has to have killed all 4 for the bountys to show at the lodge? is this correct?

Ive not completed the story yet… I have a friend who has… yet the 4 missions do not show at the lodge. Maybe you have to complete the main DLC story for these to show?

any info would be appreciated
Thank you

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Sorry, all that typing and I thought you were referring to Hammerlock’s Hunts…

Yeah I am having the same problem my cheivo is stuck at 25% and won’t unlock. Hello gearbox what is the go with this achievement. This is not the first one to glitch on me either. I had to hard reset my xbox just to get 100% on main game achievements. I want answers gearbox???


I feel this! There definitely seems to be an issue with this achievement! I have completed all Main/side mission and all crew challenges for this DLC. I even went back to the areas where they spawned and killed them again and still did not receive the achievement. The progression for the achievement has ALSO stayed at 25% throughout… On a side-note, the Debt Collector Achievement for the previous DLC won’t pop either, and I’ve also killed him multiple times! Please fix this


From what I’ve heard Xbox is the only one having issues with unlocking this achievement, as ps4 and pc can unlock it just by killing the four uniques without having the mission. Hopefully they fix this, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about them fixing this.

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I had a problem getting this achievement. Hunter Through and Through achievement not working

However I have since gotten it. Here is a summary of what happened and how I fixed it.

My 2 friends and I were level boosting other characters in DLC (against Scraptraps) when I mentioned this achievement. We decide to go for it since you need friends to kill the rare spawns first in order to get the missions, and you need to do the missions for the achievement.

I went and killed all 4 rare spawns while my friends were sorting their banks in Sanctuary (because I knew where they all spawned and could do it fast). The plan was for me to do all 4, they do the missions then go back and kill them again 2 each. I already had 2 of the 4, and I knew Amach was one of them because I did him twice in one day.

I kill the rare spawns. They get the missions and finish them. We didn’t communicate well so they both ended up killing all 4 a second time. However the missions did not show up for me. Fortunately one friend finished sooner than the other, so I noticed this before he finished all his missions. I joined him just before he killed Shiverous and got credit for that mission. I now had 75% of the achievement, so I needed either Fungal Gorger or Voltborn. I had my friend go kill them each 2 times but the missions would never show up. He went to bed, and I made the post.

Skip to the next day, my other friend was on and I asked him to go kill them both for me again. He did, I got both missions and was able to get the achievement.

So the best fix would be to kill them yourself, and when the missions show up for your friends join their game and do the mission together. Had I thought of this, all 3 of us would have gotten the achievements much faster. I only did it for one after thinking about it.

The second best fix would be to wait 24 hours. I’m not 100% sure, but it seems if you do the mission then you can’t kill them again to give someone else the mission for a period of time. If this is how it works, that’s seriously dumb for an achievement.

TL;DR - Kill all 4 yourself, when the missions show up for your friends join them and do the missions together. Or wait 24 hours and have your friends kill them again, the missions should show up for you now.

Hope that helps. It’s a really stupid idea to have an achievement require other players to basically start it for you. I wish Gearbox would avoid this kind of stuff in the future.


My internet is so-so which makes it hard to play with people so I dont have friends, am I out of luck?

You don’t have to play with someone just be online in game while your friends are killing them and you should get the missions.

Guess I need to add some friends

Dear Gearbox,
On PC and PS this is unlocked by simply killing the spawns. I assume that this achievement is bugged on the XBOX. Please confirm this is the case and let us know it is being investigated. Thanks

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Using the friends to get the achievement on the Xbox seems like a work around. I think the achievement is just bugged.


One thing that may make a difference: I wasn’t getting the missions at all, until I turned Social Notifications back on. I don’t know if you strictly need this or not, but if someone is having issues and this setting is off, it would be worth a try. Also, it doesn’t appear to be enough to add someone as a friend - it looks like they may have to add you too.

I have it on, and even so I never touched this setting yet it appeared one time but not another.

I would’ve assumed this was the case.

Can anyone explain to me what I am supposed to do to get the “A Hunter, Through and Through” Achievement/Trophy?

I am playing on Xbox and have 50% of the achievements progress YET my coop partner has unlocked it? The strangest thing is he unlocked it after we had killed 2 of the rare spawns and we hadn’t even SEEN or BEEN TO THE AREA where the 2nd two spawn yet! It literally makes no sense.

The achievement description sounds like you just need to kill the rare spawns (which would make sense) but after a quick Google people are saying you need a friend to kill them first and then you get a bounty board side mission for the one that they killed and when you kill it it THEN counts… or something like that… but this seems ridiculous.

Can anyone please explain what it is I need to do or just confirm that it is glitched or bugged at the moment because it is driving me insane. SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE MY SANITY :exploding_head:

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It’s bugged on Xbox. In order to get the achievement you have to have someone from your friends list kill the enemies and then you have to accept the quests from The Lodge. Though, I’ve heard other reports that this sometimes doesn’t work, as in the missions might not show up for you. Just add a bunch of people who play the game to your friends list and they’ll eventually show up. That’s what I did.


It is but it’s true, you need to be in your game when your friend kills them in their game for the posters to show up though. That’s the tricky bit. You can add me if you like and I can run 'em down for you my gt is xRoss357x

Do you which you have or are missing? Just to save some time, no big deal if you’re not sure.

Merge complete.

If you look up-thread, you’ll see multiple bits of information. There’s also a link to a separate thread where someone is offering assistance specifically with this achievement on XBox.

Going to move to XB1 on-line play and trading…

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I am fairly sure it’s just the two that are in Negul Neshai… if you could do this for me I would be VERY grateful! Have you got some spare time today??? I will add you now :+1:t2:

I’ll be on and off all day, nothing else to do. I’ll look to make sure you’re on.

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