Xbox Battleborn Competitive League Season 2

At this point I hope at least a tiny word has spread of what we’re all about with our League but here’s a quick synopsis anyways. The idea of our league is to continue to grow the more competitive side of Battleborn through weekly matches. There’s no entry fee and as of yet no prize pool intended but we play for the fun, the competition, and the pride. I like to think and hope that even if a player or team didn’t win as much as they would have liked they still had fun competing. Come join us and compete or follow the action on the Xbox One club The Battleborn Competitive League.

Season 2 sees few but significant rules changes as discussed by our community: Beatrix will be honor banned (could become unbanned if the community feels she is nerfed to an acceptable standard), roster sizes increased to a maximum of 9 but no substitutes will be allowed anymore, and a brief check-in message for free agents assuring me they still want to play before assembling the free agent teams. Now on to the rules in total, and not so secretly hoping I don’t forget anything.

Here are the rules and formatting for the aforementioned weekly league:

Legendaries are banned.
Beatrix is honor banned until furthernotice.

Matches will be 5v5 Captain’s Draft.

Matches are best of 3 with each team being expected to complete their scheduled match by week’s end. Weeks will run from Monday to Sunday.

Higher seed chooses map for Game 1 while lower seed chooses if they would like to ban first or second. The loser of the previous game will decide if they would like map choice or draft choice for the next match ie loser of Game 1 decides either their preferred map or draft spot not both for Game 2.

Seeding will be determined at random for week 1 and for the following weeks will be determined by total number of points.

Each game win will result in a point ex. If Team A loses to Team B 2-1 in the match then Team B will receive 2 points while Team A will receive 1 point on their total points standings.

The game mode will be Incursion with all maps available for play as chosen.

The tiebreakers for Incursion are a little out of sorts right now so we’ll be using the old tiebreaker of highest score wins with kills being worth two points and assists being worth 1 point. The second tiebreaker will be total damage dealt.

Each team will only have 1 scheduled best of 3 match to complete each week. Team captains are expected to coordinate available hours.

Each season will last 6 weeks culminating in a playoff(number of teams for playoff will depend on number of teams that sign up). In Season 1 we had 8 teams and ran the regular season as 7 weeks so every team played each other, so with that in mind we may see the number of weeks adjusted if need be but plan for 6 and 2 more for playoffs. Furthermore, if we have an odd number of teams signed up except scheduling to include a bye or more and the regular season to be extended to accommodate this.

Both premade teams and free agents are welcome to sign up. Teams can consist of 5-9 players. If you are a team missing players feel free to find a free agent of your choosing to fill out your roster or I can assign a free agent. Free agents that sign up will be combined to form additional teams as numbers allow.

No substitutes will be allowed so make sure you personally are available for your team and use you 9 roster spots wisely. But remember if you sign up on a bloated team you personally may not get to play(as your team decides).

Free agents will be asked to check in up to two days after the sign-up deadline which is May 29, 2017, check-in deadline will be May 31 with free agent teams being assembled June 1. Check-in is a simple private message to my Gamertag: MahZeeeeeee just saying you are indeed playing. Yes I know it’s short notice but knowing we’re probably still at least a month away we wanted to get started with the season and hopefully build on the momentum of season 1.

Sign-ups are live now and the sign-up deadline will be May 29, free agent check-in deadline is May 31. Week 1 of Season 2 starts on June 5.

I know this is a lot to read and the formatting of my post could be cleaner so for that I apologize. This club isn’t just about trying to form a weekly league it’s also to help players grow in skill at the competitive level. I truly believe for Battleborn to survive or even grow we need a strong casual and competitive scene. Any players who have interest in competitive play whether to play themselves, follow and learn, or to steam the games themselves are welcome. If anyone would like to join and/or register a team post here or message me on this site or request a club invitation on Xbox One for “The Battleborn Competitive League” or directy message either myself Gamertag: MahZeeeeeee or Maylox23 on Xbox One. Remember we’re just two guys who love Battleborn and want to see it continue not a professional organization.

I’m always willing to answer any questions on here or Xbox whether it be privately or publicly so feel free to ask! I’m sure I forgot something and will immediately be kicking myself.

I’d also love to see a developer team sign up! @Jythri @JoeKGBX @scottv


Can’t wait to see the same 4-5 teams playing over and over again.

Well, that’s the idea of trying to put the word out.

I would love to see a dev team also, but I couldn’t as I don’t own an Xbox. I might finally take the plunge though on their next console.

Did you happen to watch the recent PC league matches? Their multi-gamemode format seemed to work pretty well. The Capture match was insane, down to the last second to determine the winner. - Starts about 17 minutes in or so if I remember correctly.

Please let us know if somebody is streaming/commentating, we love watching!


I try and watch the archives of the PC league if I don’t catch them live, I think I’m in the middle of watching that one right now. We talked as a community about including more game modes but no one was emphatic about it one way or the other so we decided to keep it just Incursion in hopes of getting more teams to sign up.

We also plan to create a Twitch channel specifically for hosting the matches we’ll be sure to post the name once we make it.

@scottv If you feel so inclined please pass along word to any Devs you know who do own Xbox Ones.


I think I’ll sign up for this. My Xbox account is still low and a bit under geared but I’ve got 850+ hours of experience on PS4.

I’ll see if I can get some more gear. I got two weeks to grind so I should be fine.

I’ll probably sign on as a free agent.


What’s your gt, I’ll toss you an invite to the club

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Bro With Blades


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Damn, this almost makes me wish I had an Xbox. Have wanted to try lately to go up against new prople instead of the same old faces and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so :no_mouth:

Get an Xbox Crow. We can bring team DPS Mikos to Xbox!


Oh man, this would be so great :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve actually considered it. Some plans this summer might not actually happen which might leave room for an Xbox. One of the main reasons why I’m hesitant (besides the financial part that is) is because I can’t think of too many other games which could be fun to give a go. Can only think of Halo & Andromeda, the latter of which I can get now obviously. So without trying to derail this topic too severely; any recommendations?

I’d love that! In the meanwhile though, I’ll trust you to carry the torch of passion into the Xbox league under the name of DPS Mikos and head for a glorious victory!

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I’m the same, I don’t wanna spend £200-300 just to play Battleborn. As much as I’d love to play with/against some of the Xbox guys, I’m just not willing to spend that kinda money :frowning:

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I’m in, odds are I’ll be a free agent. I’ll see if any people i play with have a team. GT: C TimeGod

I sent you and @blainebrossart1 an invite to the club but Xbox doesn’t always send them out so if you don’t get the invite it might be a good idea to look up the club and ask to join, it’s the Battleborn Competitive League.


Do it!


Not even Blainethem8


Wouldn’t recommend Andromeda. Way too buggy.

Well, I’m going to spend my weekend grinding gear and credits on Xbox.


I remember that you talked about that. Would probably only get it either on sale or if/when they fix a hood portion of the bugs.

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