Xbox Battleborn Competitive League Season 2

I’m still in if you’ll have me, but I think most of the Indecisives have disbanded. Being on the West Coast I only got to play one game last year, but I also enjoyed the broadcasting side of it. I was pretty bad at the commentary (the echoing in the beginning makes me cringe when I watch the video, I was trying to make sure the stream was working), but I’d like to do it again and get better.


@Genericktag Of course all are welcome.

@ctimegod Glad you got it to work, it’s an Xbox One problem btw sometimes it just chooses not to work.

Joined the club and signed on as a free agent. Now for the glorious grind of trying to get the gear I need. Looking forward to the games with everyone.

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I think I have you on my friends list. Let me know if you want to team up.

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To anyone who is interested we are still in need of more free agents to form a team and the deadline is fast approaching!

@Nemosis327, get an Xbox and join me on the free agent team.

Wut the deadline?

Monday is the last day for sign ups. First week starts the following Monday.


I have deflated.

I like my dollars you know, and an Xbox is 300 monies. Maybe I still come but I also want to upgrade my pc…

Lol yeah buying a whole new console for one game that you’ve played for a 1000 hours probably not worth it.

but but i can find xbox ones on craigslist used for 90 dollars with 2 controllers nowadays…

More power to you! All are welcome if you make the switch.

okay fam I found a cheap xbox. someone tell me what to do now. Who needs a Deande before the Deadline?

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Search for the club “battleborn competitive league” on Xbox and join, comment in the chat that you’re signing up as a free agent and you’ll be placed on a team.

It’s looking less and less likely that we’ll have enough free agents to form a team but by all means please sign up and hopefully we get a couple more by the end of tomorrow.

Couldn’t me and Blaine be a team? Just the three of us? I count my Holotwin
We may loose everything but it’ll be fun while it lasts.

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Well you have Blaine, C TimeGOD, and I. I haven’t played with C TimeGOD but I teamed up with Blaine for some story mode. We need to power level you guys.

Aceofaces is looking for a team as well I believe

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