Xbox Battleborn Competitive League Season 4

Much like our fellow Battleborn players on PS4 we’re also gearing up to start our next competitive season. Here’s a link to our rules:

Rules are subject to change prior to the start of the season but these should give anyone interested the best idea of what to expect.

We encourage full teams or free agents to sign up. Any players who are signed up as free agents will be combined to form as many teams as possible. Any who want to play are welcome assuming they have the full game and are therefore capable of playing in private matches.

To sign up simply join the Xbox One club “Battleborn Competitive League” and post in chat either as a free agent or with your team including which player is captain as well as team name. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me on this forum or on Xbox itself, my gamertag is MahZeeeeeee.


Signup! Will rule changes be allowed before season start if the captain’s take a vote?

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I would imagine.

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