Xbox bl3 broken?

I was playing boarder lands all night and had no issues at all, I never started any of the dlcs I decided to start one I picked the moxxi heist for handsome jacks casino and about an hour into it it crashed the game and dashboardered me, I didn’t think much of it I tried started the game back up and it loads all the way up to the sign in screen with the game title I press the sign in button and it just never loads it’s not frozen because the fan in the display in the background is still spinning, I’ve tried countless times and no luck, eventually I just uninstalled everything (game + dlcs) and it still won’t load passed the load in screen
I haven’t found a single other forums with this issue someone help I love this game to much to just brush this off

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Moved you to the right section. I suggest trying the following:

  • Select BL3, ‘Manage’, and check the stored data. There should be a reserved partition separate from your profile saves - delete it
  • Do the time honoured XB1 power reset (shutdown, unplug from power, hold power button etc)

Between those two things, it should clear up any issues lingering from the crash and let you sign back in to the game fully. If it doesn’t, you may need to file a support ticket for assistance.


Both things you suggested worked!!!
Thank you so much

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Welcome wantedforlife! Having issues of my own ever since installing Krieg’s DLC…only my suggestion (clearing my cache and complete re-install) didn’t work. Hopefully I didn’t spend $100 on a broken game…:roll_eyes:

Try deleting that reserved storage I mentioned in my post above and restarting your console - might do the trick.

@VaultHunter101 Okay, I will try it later this AM. I thank you very much for replying! Been getting igged on here lately, and Gearbox Customer Support only emailed once about my issue. So really–Thank You…:facepunch:

Deleted the reserved storage and did a Hard reset on my Xbox. Still no good. Man this really stinks. This looks like a job for a Hot Fix. No way I’m the only one with this issue.

Trust me you’re not. Some of us have been having console issues since the games release with no fix in sight and with new consoles coming out soon just don’t it happening.

When you did the reinstall, did you check that it had downloaded ALL the DLC content you are entitled to? Some of the downloads do not seem to be automatic on XB1.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is that you reply to the last email from support on that ticket and tell them that what they suggested did not work and you are still having issues.

Yeah…I reinstalled all 4 DLC’s plus my bonus packs I received with my Pre-Order. Still no good as of this AM. I did reply to my Support Ticket again this AM. No reply yet.

Ouch. I sure hope you’re wrong. If a Hotfix doesn’t come out to patch this issue? I don’t think I’ll be able to ever buy another 2K/Gearbox game again. If I’d have known all the problems that would pop up in the 12 months after shelling out 100 clams? Pffft…

Trust me I’m with you, this has certainly been a learning lesson for sure. I have gone through the trouble ticket system and was told they are aware of it but that was last year. Then I heard nothing so I resubmitted another ticket back in May and here I still am. A couple moderators, especially @VaultHunter101, here have been helpful and gave advise but my console still crashes, particularly anything to do with Multiplayer. When I played solo it would crash when going into another area or fast travelling.

It has been months since I have played because this game is certainly not worth bricking my console over. Plus this is the only game that causes my console to either lock up or complete crash and power off.

This experience has left my apprehensive of anything released by GBX and 2k in the future and will spend my money elsewhere because honestly there is no excuse for this. The problems this game has had since release would of been found easily during testing but to me seems to just send it out to the masses and let them beta test it and try to fix later. As you can tell paid content had and continues to have priority.

Agreed. BL3 started to sour for me with the big Mayhem 10 Update. I’ve had little issues here and there, but never anything as hardcore as what you’re describing. Thank Goodness. But this being locked out of Pandora REALLY stinks because it was my favorite place to Grind in. Do you know of anyone actually Bricking their console because they were playing BL3? What are you playing on? The original Xbox One, an S, or an X? I’m playing on an X. Never had any real playability issues. Just typical Hotfix issues that were ordinarily cleared up. But this? Support Tickets just being ignored after one reply? Terrible. And yes-@Vaulthunter101 has always come to the rescue. Or at the very least has always tried to help. The Batman of Gearbox! We need 1000 more Vaulthunter101’s! :facepunch:

I play on the Xbox1X, which from looking at the forums around here and other places it seems like the one console that this game has problems on. I can make my console crash 100% of the time when attempting to join another person via an invite, this has never been addressed or fixed since the games release. Match making I have about a 20% chance of it actually working without it locking up or crashing.

The support system is pretty bad and you have to keep resubmitting over and over to get an actual response. Sorry you are having problems as well but rest assured you are not the only one.

As for the game bricking the console completely, I read a few instances of it occurring but common sense tells you that your console powering off during gameplay is not good for it and GBX certainly isnt going to replace your broken console due to their faulty game.