Xbox - Borderlands 2 - Non-Handsome Jack Interest

Donno if this is the right place to as this, and still a bit new to posting on here, but here goes:

I completed BL1 100% Achievement wise back in the day. Bought BL2 when it first came out, but for whatever reason never started it. Was thinking of doing so.

I’m gauging the ability to be able to 100% Borderlands 2 on my Xbox profile. I realize it would be a time investment. :thinking:

I know there’s a “Play online with someone one your friend list” Achievement, but no others that require online specifically. Granted, many achievements are MUCH easier with others, but in theory could be done solo.

So I guess I’m asking if anyone still plays the non-Handsome Jack version on Xbox?
This is mainly to help get that achievement, and possibly others. Time investment could be very quick, as just joining a game is all that’s needed to get it.

I would be starting completely from scratch, but with knowledge of how BL games work. I do own both an Xbox One and a working 360, so either console would work.


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you mean the “handsome collection”? If so, that disqualifies me.

I phrased that strangely. I have the original 360 version, the backwards compatible one.

in PS4 only the Friendship Rules (reviving someone) trophy is online. But you can do it via splitscreen. So you can 100% everything solo.

I am indeed referring to “Friendship Rules”.
The description says:
“Revived someone from “Fight for Your Life!” that is on your friends list”

Wow, nice tip!
Saw on XboxAchievements a note that this should work:
I have a non-live account that I made just for boosting occasions similar to this (named “Booster Silver” as a nod to the DC hero :joy:). Might still be fun to do it with another actual human player tho.

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