[Xbox] Borderlands 3 Circle of Slaughter Bug

My self and a friend were playing with 2 random players in the Circle of Slaughter, there are a few audio bugs with all the sounds in the arena area, but they are bearable, the bug that I am here to report though is a bug that takes the flying enemies out of the arena and behind walls, this happened 3 times in our session, 2 of the 3 were glitched near the top of the map clipping through walls allowing us to eventually kill them, but the 3rd was the last creature left to kill, on the last round before completing the Circle of Slaughter, now this creature was trapped well behind the walls outside the map with no way of killing it, we saw it on the mini map for a short period of time then after 5 or so minutes in vanished from the mini map. Be aware please and don’t waste your time in the Circle of Slaughter like we did. I hope a solution comes soon because it was very enjoyable, but so very upsetting to not get the loot at the end.


Happened to me as well, last wave of last stage. We also saw the stuck enemy on the minimap before it vanished. Will not try again until it’s fixed.


For some reason everytime i get queued for CoS it completely shuts my xbox 1x off. I’ll get stuck in load screen for a couple seconds then boom, powers off. Anyone else having this issue?


Same issue for me. My husband breezed through with no stuck enemies and I’m pretty annoyed now. This game has been so buggy the entire playthrough.

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We played mayhem 3 and on the final round of the final wave an enemy glitched in the wall (SS attached). There were also 2 other glitched guys but we were about to grenade them through the wall. Awful glitch.


Yeah same thing happened to me twice on my ps4. Hope fully it gets fixed cause I’m not gonna bother attempting. Want my trophies dammit

Happend to me twice too! Hopefully this will be adressed

My friends and I had the same problem. The last enemy was underground. Over 2 plus hours and nothing to show for it but a 2 minute video showing the glitch.

Been having the same problem on the ONE it’s happened three times! Hoping the update would fix it but nope

I was having this same issue… in the first round no less… out of desperation i killed myself, and what do you know… i came back in and was able to start the next round… For those that this happens at the end of the last round… that sucks… good luck… but this ‘fix’ was at least able to get me to the next round… Hope that helps. :confused:

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Same issue here. I had made it to the final round where Torgue days theres a boss. Nothing spawned in so I killed myself to restart. Killed the bosses cleared the rest of the enemies and nothing. I can’t wait to grind it out again later :neutral_face:

Had this happen to me twice as well. For a while my game was glitched to where i couldnt eve travel to slaughter star, and now this happens. Getting real sick of all these dumb bugs man

Just happened to me. Been on circle of slaughter for ages, getting killed in last round. Finally beat all enemies in last round, and one seems to have gone off on its travels. A rakk I think. Just left it running for now to see if it comes back. I can’t complete last round, and I cannot leave the arena. Don’t want to have to kill myself as this was a chore getting this round done.

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Same here but on PS4 last enemy or cistern of slaughter a spiderant king got stuck in the ground and wouldn’t stop moving around underground and was invulnerable… This is the second time it happens to me

This is still happening. Happened to me twice today. Last wave of round 4 both times. Wouldn’t advance. You would have thought they would spend time fixing these bugs instead of dlc… Guess I’ll move on to another game and come back (maybe) and hope they fix this. Very frustrating to spend 20-30 mins to get to a bug that won’t let you finish…

We used longbow grenades (luckily we all had one), storm and firestorm (snipers) and stood across the room bombarding him till he died. This stuff should be fixed before guns are nerfed imo…

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I think it should be noted that this still hasn’t been fixed. I got f****d on the last wave of the last round of Slaughter Shaft due to an enemy being stuck in a wall. I would like to think that the good folks at GB actually play this game and know how frustrating this is. Come on maaaaaaan.

Yeah this game is still in beta. It will be ready by sometime next year.

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Same thing happened to me in Cistern of Slaughter. I can see them, but they’re behind some invisible wall that I can’t get past with grenades, weapons, or skills. Last wave of last round. A colossal waste of time.

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Gearbox dumbasses, you all going to fix your broke ass game or what? Quit wasting people’s damn time with these glitches. Unacceptable with how much money this game has made. We aren’t your ■■■■■■■ beta testers.