Xbox bug reports

on xbox one after the 9/26 update i encountered something that had not happened before the update while solo, lag. the area was the guns of reliance objective area to kill cov attackers with 8 left one anointed at least. the lag was on the level of having a minute long freeze reloding homing tediore gun and a 2-4 second one moving.

Game crash after killing an enemy ma or lag for 5 mins every enemy I kill…I just don’t understand why

I’ve been playing the game for a while and for the life of me, I can’t find anymore Zane skins (I only have 19/41) or heads (15/28). I’ve seen online that there are other skins, like “Atlas” and “Like Follow Obey” and I’ve read that at least a couple are supposed to be rewards for completing campaign missions (I.e. Atlas skin for completing Atlas, At Last), but i’ve completed the story twice now and never received any of them. And from what I’ve read, a lot of players are having this problem. Finding skins is one of my favorite things so can we please get this fixed, or at the very least, can someone from Gearbox let us know if this is truly a bug or if those skins are not being rewarded for a reason? I’ve already wasted loads of in-game money on the slot machine trying to get a new skin before I discovered this was a bug so I’d appreciate ANY info on this.

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I have been unable to play multiplayer since game launch! It is not a network issue on my end and I have verified this and tested it every way possible to confirm that. I have gone from finding legendaries, trinkets, skins and all that cool stuff all the time or at least after every boss, to not finding a single one AT ALL since hot fixes started. And that is not an over exaggeration. I paid $100+ for this game and pre ordered it the day sales opened up, I waited to play my beloved borderland series and I am extremely pissed of I can no longer enjoy my game!! Even playing solo things keep getting shitter and ahitter everytime they release “hot fix” I have uninstalled and reinstalled and have posted my issues everywhere I can think of and have gotten 0 response. I mean wtf!?!?

I saw something the other day that outright smacks of tech voodoo and shouldn’t work. But, on the extreme chance this might resolve your issue:

“Go into the Blu-Ray section of the settings and clear the cache (“You must do this three times”) and then release your alternate MAC address”.

That really shouldn’t do anything that a regular cache-resetting power cycle wouldn’t but, mysteriously, apparently it does?

As far as the hotfixes, you can read the patch notes on the support site to see what they did, but unless you’ve hit a really rough patch of RNG you should still be getting drops. Note that rates stiill vary depending on mode and mayhem setting.

Not sure if this is the right place to post it but on XB1X I’ve been having quite severe sound issues these last few days. Yesterday after defeating Troy I had some serious sound sync issues with around 4-5s delay between the characters in a cut scene talking and the sound coming out. And over the last couple of days I’ve had various sound effects disappear at will. This ranges from silent vehicles, to weapons suddenly sounding like they’ve all been fitted with silencers, to explosions showing a burst of colour but the complete absence of sound, while my character’s movement and speech comes though the speakers just fine. It’s a very weird experience

When I play zane none of the weapon special effects with the barrier are working the whole time the barrier is active, only a few moments before the barrier regular ends but if I change the weapons the effect is active again for like 12 seconds 2 seconds before the barrier regular ends .

So I have a really big issue. I use the brainstormer alot and it constantly crashes my game because of the electricity effects. Any way yoy guys could tone the effects down to reduce screen clutter and make using the gun less of a gamble of if my xbox can handle it that day?

Hi, don’t know if anyone else has this issue, I have it since I started the game and it’s a bit annoying.

In the missions menu as well as the echo log collection, whenever I wanna scroll down to a specific mission or echo log it keeps jumping back up at the top, or in case or missions to the one selected - so I only can select different missions by working my way down with quickly selecting one after the other til I’m down where I want, or listen to echo logs if I’m lucky and fast enough to click the correct one before it jumps up again.

This is on xbox one. Would be cool of someone could have a look into it. I loved the idea of having all echoes saved to listen to anytime, but the way this behaves it’s no fun at all. Also some kind of sorting option would be nice.


think this might be a big deal but I cant see what challenges I have left or the map name

On Xbox one, with Gunner class only, lost loot machine not working. It collects nothing.

Check your session settings (gear icon beside your name at top right). Lost loot only works in cooperation mode, not coopetition. If you joined a game that the host was running in coopetition mode, you will need to make sure your own setting is reverted before resuming solo play.

After completing the mission where you meet Ricky in the Jackpot DLC, i found a bug where anytime i finish with a loading screen, one of Ricky’s lines will always play. I think it has to do with the game thinking that it hasn’t played the line yet and so it tries to. It’s super tedious constantly listening to one line over and over again.