Xbox Bugs and Feature Request

I have a few issues/bugs that I would love for you guys to look into.

  1. If fast travel is activated while I am in a vending machine menu or the storage vault menu – when it loads the map I can not move because BL3 thinks I am still in that menu and I have to quit the game to get it to correct itself.
    I believe this only happens when I am the host – I have it happen mainly when searching for a takedown party and it finds a group while in one of those menus.
  2. The same issue – but if I am downed before loading the map it causes a similar issue.

Feature request – Since I am on console and have longer load times, I would like to see from the main menu the ability to select where I want to drop in the game/map. I mainly say this since I play the takedown alot and when I select continue it loads maliwan blacksite. Then I have to wait for it to load just to travel to sanctuary… then wait for it to load and wait and wait… its fairly annoying and I know we can make this more user friendly.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Chris Loving

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