Xbox Club for BL3

So i made a club a while back for me and some friends to set up games a bit easier. Since then I’ve met some cool peeps on this forum, so I’m thinking I’ll open it up to everyone here, make it easier for us to just hit looking for group and send out invites, especially with maliwan take down about to hit.

If anyone wants to join, search “BL3 Vault Hunter Club” and I’ll add you. If anyone wants to admin just let me know as well, and you’re welcome to invite friends who don’t post here too. The more people we get, the easier to find games it will be :slight_smile:


Is there a restriction for timezone?

Nope, I’m in Australia but most will be USA and some Europe as well, all zones are good

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Sounds good. Im in the UK. I’ll join after work today.:smiley:

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Sounds good, I might be asleep so could be a few hours before I can approve but I will when I wake up

gt: whatevercb

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Easy done, sent the infinity

Starting to get a good group already, up to 27 members :). Club is open to all so jump in peeps, will make finding groups for Takedown easier.

How do I join?

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On the console, go to social tab then clubs and search for “BL3 Vault Hunters Club” and join then I’ll approve, or there’s a club part in the menu if you use the app.

Ok cool. As soon as I get home I’ll hop on. Thanks

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Just got request and accepted :slight_smile:


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i’ll be sending a request to join in once i’m off work, about 4 1/2 hours out, but be nice to actually be able to find people for takedown.

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