Xbox Communication

Is there any way of implementing a system like in smite to give basic communications to team members that they hear as a callout from the npc like “attack merc” “enemy left” “enemy right” “create turrets” “push” “retreat” ect. on xbox there really is no way to communicate and can be make with a say " X X A" button combo or “X B Y” depending on what call out to say. granted i dont know how this will interfere with the fact smite has that in there game.

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I heard there is a pretty handy tool to utilize information to your team called a microphone. There have been rumors that you can speak what you want into it and it relays your voice to your team.

Don’t shoot the messenger though, only telling you what I’ve heard…

I would also like this. simple quick info for the whole team - that way you don’t have to be in the game chat/same party.

‘I’ll take left’, ‘attack right lane’, ‘help’ would go a long way.

You can mark the map with a “ping” (push down on RS).

The problem with the button combos, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that the buttons are already being used for actions (reload/jump/melee). Also, I’d hate to have to memorise a whole bunch of random button combos!

I just wish more folks would invest in a headset/mic for co-op play…

I don’t think clicking both thumbsticks is used but I may be wrong - I’ve played smite and I find the button combos very useful

It would go something like this > click both thumbsticks to toggle chat > button combo using buttons you normally use for jump, melee, reload, ult > simple message to team is read and shown while chat is auto toggled off on completed combo.

I think it would be hard to get the timing right - you’re already using LS and RS for sprint and ping (mark a location for attention). It might work, but you’d have to tweak the timing on going into sprint.

problem with the marker is people dont always hear it. from my own experience people have set them and i didnt hear it come up. it was just a matter of noticing it was there visually. alot of the time ill be in a party with my friends who arnt playing battleborn and with all of us talking i cant hear the little details of the game. but i do hear when the npc comes up and says “merc for hire” and stuff

What are the actual options for communication using the Xbox One? The only way I can seem to get my voice to work is through the Kinect. That’s no good because it picks up my pets as well. Should simply plugging in a headset work? It doesn’t seem to. Can you chat using a usb keyboard?

I’m new to consoles, always been a PC guy and it doesn’t seem obvious for whatever reason.

If you have an Xbox headset it should work.

It works on mine, but then I don’t have Kinect. You could try poking into the options to see if there’s a way to set it to one or the other for audio input.

The biggest thing I’ve run into is that, in story mode at least, no one appears to have or use a mic. Maybe it’s a bit different in PvP, but it seems like in all the matches I’ve played, I’m the only one with a headset of any kind.

Tried another headset and this one worked for whatever reason. Fortunately it was the nicer of the two. :slight_smile: I was in a 3 man group in Algorithm and the two other players were asking each other questions about mechanics, I had the answers but couldn’t tell them. Now that’s solved. Thanks for the responses. Gonna try a USB keyboard to see if I can use y for text chat as well. Even if folks don’t wanna talk in-game it might be useful for character selection.