Xbox community is DEAD

Thought I’d give this game a chance the other night after a month but man was I disappointed. Not only is the game not in a better state but it’s dead.

Before 2.0 there were usually around 100-130 “looking for a group” posts by players at any given time. Now, I barely see more than 50 and most of them are people looking for modded weapons…

Good job… real nice. I’m going to guess that you’ve lost a good amount of the community for good. They aren’t coming back and I might follow. This might as well be a goodbye post.

Just revert the game or something. Seriously


Bought BL3 on xbox1 mainly to play with my kids in co-op and even couch co-op. BL3 not only did not mention that they were not giving us the vertical split-screen, the crap horizontal split-screen was a joke at launch.
We still play BL3 with a 2 TV setup in our living room but we do not play it anywhere near the amount of time we played BL1 and 2.

Bought for the PC when the sale on Steam was going on. May just totally switch to PC since they ruined local co-op on the consoles.

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I’m thinking about making a matchmaking thread of sorts on here for Xbox.

The thread is “it sucks”. Matchmaking is a total wreck on Xbox and not even worth my time. Some of this isn’t Xbox specific but this is my Xbox experience
Takes a loooooooong, time.
Gives me a team of wildly inconsistent quality. I had a team that everyone died before they even got to the Kraken last night.
Puts me into a effort (wrong takedown, cistern not circle) I don’t want to play.
Has a bunch of modifiers that I don’t like and that cause a lot of other players to just drop out (I refuse to drop out just out of consideration of how hard finding a match is but @#% £¥ playing with some of these modifiers is painful).

I am currently working on farming M0 guns so I can go back to playing without a the silliness of M2.0

At least those are scaled properly.


I’ve been waiting for them to patch some things and for DLC 3 to come out. Also new killer came out for DBD few weeks ago and yesterday started the 4th year anniversary event.

I’ll probably get back on Borderlands 3 over the weekend. Gonna need to refarm gear at level 60 >.>