Xbox companion app for pc

question vault hunters i have just recent activating the xbox console companion on my pc and im wondering if i get the game on there digitally would it still play it and if anyone else is using this method or does it not work that way

Okay first let me make sure I understand the issue. You’re going to use the companion app to purchase the game? If so, that’s fine. It’s the exact xbox store front, and all purchases will immediately be available to download on your xbox console.

If you’re wondering if you can play it on the companion app, yes and no. You can’t directly, but if the app and xbox are on the same wireless network, you can turn on your xbox and use the app as the screen.

if I didn’t understand what you were asking, I apologize.

ok thanks and apart of me thought if i bought it the game digitally i could make it a short cut on steam if that was possible to work that way

ooh, you were looking for a way to workaround epic exclusivity… I can’t say I understand your motives, but I’m glad I could help.

the struggle is so real its disrespectful lmao