Xbox controller on PC?

Will BL3 have controller support for windows through Epic games store?

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That’s up to the Developer’s Gearbox and other company’s So we might see it be Pc players with controller can’t wait till september . But as far as your question that’s up to the developers who make the game . So you would have to ask gearbox , 2k and other company’s. Here it is .This might help you answer that question So giving the fact that the epic Games store will have no controller support for PC Then the answer is most likely no.

I could be mistaken, but I believe the streamers present for the reveal event were all using Xbox contollers on PC.


You are not wrong when it enters the epic store they don’t let you play with a controller in the final game when it goes to the epic store they won’t let you unless 2k will allow it. gearbox & 2k Did provide people with controllers on pc

Fortnite on pc can be played with a controller. That’s Epics’ big name, so, I use that for these questions

Yes we did and epic games lets people use controllers on other games, so the platform and game support it.

There is no issue here.


Thanks Cause i was not too sure The internet is caos .

If you don’t know the answer to a question in a thread, sometimes it is best not to answer or reply. That can cause further confusion by answering something that you don’t have the answer for.

Its ok to just watch a thread waiting for an answer.


What does it even have to do with EGS? It’s Gearbox’s decision to include controller support in their games, not Epic’s.