Xbox Cross Save Question

If I’m posting this in the wrong forum, forgive me!

Quick question regarding save games- if you’ve been playing the original 360 borderlands games on your Xbox One (because of the backwards compatibility) are you able to then upload that file with the cross save function to play on the remastered/handsome collections? Or do you have to do it from a 360 console?

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I don’t remember exactly how its done.

From what I can remember, you have to upload your save from the backwards compatible version. After the cloud save is successful, you then load the handsome collection and download your save file. That is how I created mules on console for BL2 and TPS. You can keep downloading that same save file as a new character. Hope that helps :acmaffirmative:

You should be able to use the “Upload” option in the backwards compatible version, then “Download” in the HC version. You’ll need to do this one save at a time, and you should always use “Save as New” on the download side.

If you want to save with a different name, I suggest changing it in the backwards compatible version first (via Quick Change station).

Thanks for your help guys, I got it. It was just that the original 360 version didn’t have the latest update. Got what I needed!

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