Xbox-E3 good news for xboners who really miss bl

just saw discussion about backward compatability on the screen among other 360 games was borderlands.yeah?

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Is Xboners a real term that people use?

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ahh no,that was my internal lazy 12 yr old surfacing

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Oooooooooooo weeeeeeeeee!!!

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Couldn’t have said that better myself…

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Ready to take my hunter Pistol Pete for a next gen roundabout!!!

This was really exciting news. I think Microsoft may have convinced me to pull the trigger on a One sooner than later.

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Won’t make me get a One (again) but that is a pretty sweet announcement indeed.

I must admit that I’m shocked people are so excited to have backwards compatibility.

I guess I took it for granted, as upgrading my system has never made a game unplayable.

When i upgrade to an Xboner, we can all play together.

That sounds unbelievably wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

This is great. I love BL1

I shoulda put the if you know what i mean image.

Would have been a perfect fit :3

Video from the borderlands reddit


“Xboners” wil never stop sounding wrong.
Anyway, as long as it works better than the 360’s bc. Still not a reason to gett a Xbox One (will never buy it, dispite me wanting Killer Instinct). But it’s nice for those who did gett it.

coming to pc now, godbless Phil Spencer

I assumed it was just a rumor. Good to hear.

When you’re talking about a game like Borderlands… yeah.

I saw , I believe it was from Xcom this past week or so that the developer was playing BL1 on the Xbox One, 360 emulater and the graphics were much crisper and didn’t seem to be just a backward compatibility like 360 did for the original Xbox.

But of course that was only what I could see through my tears of joy lol