Xbox Elite Controller 2

Figured I’d post this here.
I’ve been using a MSoft Xbox Elite controller since they first shipped, and love it. The feel is great, heavier and more solid that stock, the controls work well, and the back paddles work better for me that another other controller with back paddles I’ve tried (and I’ve tried 5).
A new version is shipping in November, and it looks even better.
First, the trigger pull is now even shorter (if you want) so when waylaying with a Jakobs assault rifle you’ll be shooting faster. The danged rumble motors can be adjusted in the Controller app, instead of relying on a game to give you configuration help (annoyingly no BL version allows you to turn rumble off).
The hand grip rubber now wraps around the whole controller, which is good since after 2-3 years use mine is peeling off.
And apparently a lot of other stuff (like voice control trigger(??)) which will be appreciated.
If you like solid controllers and don’t like Skuf (I don’t) then I’d recommend this new one.