Xbox friend invite crashes xbox one

Every now and then when friend invites me to a game it turns off my xbox

This usually happens when he invites me while I’m in sanctuary but sometimes it happens when I’m in loading screen

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Yea it’s still happening on Xbox one. Mostly my friends with the X1 consoles have this happening. It usually shuts down their entire system.
File a ticket for it… If it’s still happening to you…

Happens to me just from joining my friends session… with or without an invite… happened twice just in the last hour… and it’s happened maybe 10-11 times since launch. Bit over it at this point.

Happens to me every time my friend invites me…we both have xbox one…i can be at character loading screen or sanctuary and if he invites me to sanctuary or even to a another world map my console turns off or sometimes the screen freezes at sanctuary and i still have to quit…we joke now when he invites me he says ready to crash and i say yes…and it crashes…I’ve sent a ticket in for this

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