Xbox hacked gear

Is there modded gear on the XBox? I didn’t think there was, but we were playing tonight and a random guy came into our game and dropped a pearlescent shield that had no Level Requirement on it. None of us picked it up and we kicked the guy from our game. Has anyone experienced this sort of thing? Is it a legit shield or definitely hacked? I should of taken a screenshot.

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There’s isn’t supposed to be any modded gear on consoles. And there are zero pearlescent shields with no level requirement. That, and who jumps into a random session and leaves pearlescent gear lying around? Always suspicious. Totally modified.

I remember I once saw a shield that would take you to zero health, instantly downing you once you equipped it. It’d throw you into a cycle of downed>bleed-out>respawn>downed>etc.
You’d have to get into your inventory while bleeding out and quickly drop it if you wanted to escape the loop.

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Wow. That’s insane. Some people… I’ve heard of modded gear that messes up your character so I told my brothers not to pick it up. We were all level 1. We’re introducing my brother to the series so we definitely wanna keep everything legit.

Also, my wife tried to join us via split screen, but couldn’t. We were playing XBox One. Did the backwards compatible disable split screen and online play at the same time? Just last year we played split screen and on live with my brother on the 360.

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I don’t know about any of the xbox stuff, I’m on PC myself. Well. I think I’ve heard other xbone users mention playing with each other, so pretty sure online play is still a thing.

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Sadly yes. Not sure about XB1, but on 360 it’s possible to get around the drive encryption and use a cheat engine to add custom items to your saves. I’m not going to give details because (a) I don’t approve of such shenanigans and (b) it violates forum rules. But unrestricted pearls are one of the many illicit items out there.

On-line play at least works fine for BL1 on XB1, but there are some tricks. Unless you’re just going to play private or open pubic then, once the game has launched, hit the Start and Menu buttons on your controller at the same time. This is equivalent to hitting the Xbox button inside the emulated 360, so you get the simple system menus. You can now invite players tp party/game through that.

My guess about split-screen is that you’ll need to do something similar once the game is up and running? If you figure it out, please post!


There’s tons of modded gear on xbx, primarily it was on the 360 but since it’s gone backwards compatible they can bring the modded gear over via cloud.

Be careful as there’s some nasty bugs in some of it.


This. Totally this.