Xbox hard shutdown - system?

I am one of many having a hard power shutdown all the time making game unplayable. Only game this happens to and all the time.

I am using Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

Is anyone else that is experiencing the same issue running a new Xbox one X? is game installed on system hard drive or portable hard drive hooked up to Xbox?

Gearbox just sent this to me which is absolute crap:

Luka V. Yesterday at 02:40

Hello Robert,

From all the information that we have gathered here, I would like to suggest you to contact Microsoft support in order for them to resolve the issue with your XBOX One, since from everything that we have gathered it sounds like a Hardware issue.

You can navigate this site to make sure you find the appropriate assistance :

Once the issue with the XBOX has been resolved, we’ll take a further look into the missing items and golden keys, since we want to make sure that you will not lose any further keys due to your XBOX crashing.

Best wishes,

Luka V.
2K Support

Microsoft turned me down 3 times for a refund. This game is totally unplayable and they will not even acknowledge it!

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