Xbox: In search of OP10 Gear help

I’m not picky to wether a gun has “perfect” parts or anything, that really doesn’t bother me! I am mostly prefer to play solo, unless i need help with certain raid bosses. I do have a mic. Hopefully someone(s) can dupe;
I’m looking for op10 gear:
OGRE (if anyone has a ogre at even op8-9 I’m good with that, I’ve never had any luck getting one)
Long bow Quasar (if that’s a thing)
Infinity pistol (doesn’t matter if it has a element or not)
Conference call (no element prefered, but again I’m not that picky)
Homing slang o-negative.
I’m on the hunt now but these items keep evading me if anyone can help then I will be incredibly grateful.
GT: natdog690