XBox issues Two particular, Controller drift, and Xbox crash specifically on map

Two points after the few hotfixes we’ve had… I kind of thought these may have been addressed within these few so far, but they haven’t and they are particularly painful.

  1. Controller drift to the right when you stand idle, unless you manually tap left to stop the drift. Please fix this quite frustrating issue. Has been happening since launch (Xbox X)

  2. Since launch, my Xbox X has crashed at least once or twice per session when playing Borderlands 3 (and no other game), I’ve noticed it is more prevalent when I’m on the map either looking to fast travel to a location, but seems to be more of a possibility fast travelling to Sanctuary III. (Again on Xbox X). The game freezes, after about 3-4 seconds the Xbox logo starts to flash a few times then the whole console crashes off.

Here’s hoping Gearbox can resolve these two pesky issues by, or for the next hotfix.


The controller thing is nothing to do with the game. It’s your controller.

No it isn’t. Does it on 3 of mine and one was new with a new console.

I too am having both of these issues only when playing Borderlands 3 on my Xbox One X. The game constantly crashes my console and when I am able to play the game, my character drifts to the right as well. I did a test in the xbox’s device settings for input detection from my controller and my controller works perfectly. No incorrect input from the left stick whatsoever.

Very odd and I hope they are able to fix this soon!

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I have experienced this… I was not sure if it was software or hardware related but if its minimal (mine was) you can alter the controller dead zone in the game settings. This fixed it for me, it was driving me mad.

Mine drifts in either direction. The in-game dead zone settings are not setup in the usual way and seem to have minimal effect on the issue. But it’s only a problem in the various asinine platforming challenges.

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@Cianalas No, it has everything to do with the game as everyone I know that plays BL3 is suffering with this issue since game release. My nephew just installed his BL3 game for his Xbox that he got for his birthday today and he started the game while I was there and immediately his controller drifted to the right as with all 7 of my other gamer mates. (Both on Xbox S and Xbox X)

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Reporting back a week later and I have absolutely no issue in any other game with my controller (using the latest controller firmware update).

Seems as though the Xbox Crashing is becoming more frequent. Just finished a session with two other friends playing coop and in one gaming session between us had over 8 full game/console crashes.

Hopefully fixes for these two very frustrating issues come sooner than later.

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I too am having both of these issues. Crashes and freezes up more in chapter 11 & 12 then any others. This drift right thing makes crew challenges absolute hell and I even went and bought a new controller thinking it was that😡

Here’s to hoping they will listen…

Brand new Xbox Elite 2 controller, less than 8 hours on it, drifts.
Crash on “too long” in a map (helping someone locate a cache) and still crashes on trying to join games.

Still happening.

PS. Watched a guy I play with walk right off the edge of a cliff, because he looked away from the screen for a few seconds, a fatal result of drift.

Check the advanced settings for the controller. Alter the dead zone settings and you should be able to null out the drift. IIRC setting axial to zero may be the fix? Read a detailed description on this a while back, but the short version is that controller settings are dialled in considerably more sensitive on BL3 than previous games; at least you can change these settings now, though!

I’m beginning to wonder if some of the crash issues might not be related. If Gearbox decided they could do “controller” better than the tools and code provided by Microsoft, and it’s making calls directly to things that have been optimized by Microsoft (especially in protected “spaces”) it could result in odd stability issues. But, as I’ve mentioned previously other places, I’m not a programmer and comments by me about programming issues are entirely speculation.

The in game adjustments don’t seem to have any effect. I don’t really want to munge up my setting for other games since there isn’t any issues with drift there, but I’ll look and see if there’s a way to set a profile, since we get three, and hope I can create a dead-zone profile just to use exclusively with BL3.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

And an observation - it seems pretty silly to “dial in” the controller for Borderlands 3 when we have to detune it to prevent unwanted movement.