[Xbox] LF: Purple Tediore Everlast Shotgun

Super (Supercharged) Everblast ++ this or a similar name is the one I am looking for
the important part is that it has:
a mirv module - splitting into 4 projectiles
a Homing Module - homes in on enemys
has x18 or x20 projectiles

Preferably in shock or fire element, non element is fine though

Have that gun with with 5 mirv. Shock

Already do. I double checked but the shock one pellet is a bit off on mine. It’s 16 pellets, but it’s 5 mirv. That still ok?

Yeah totally! Im online right now for a good while so hmu if you get on

I work until 5 but ill get back to u on it what were u offering for it? I forgot if we set up something

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