XBox, LF: stop gap with bonus corrosive

Hey fellow Vault Hunters,

I am still looking for these very specific items to gdt my rakk Fl4k the most possible damage/tankiness:

  • Stop Gap with 50% bonus corrosive damage with weapons on action skill end

Have some stuff to trade too, main Fl4k but have all at 50 with some good anointed gear.

Farming El Dragon since last week (or is it two weeks already? :flushed:) as well as hoping for world drops, but haven’t been lucky so far. Any help would be appreciated.
My gt is Psyr3n Princ3ss


Still farming with no success so far. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Still looking for a stop gap with bonus corrosion damage on ase, thanks if anyone can help

I have a dreadnaught stop-gap with +50% corrosive on ASE. I’ll be back online tomorrow and we can work something out if you still need it.