[XBOX] LF Terror annoint pet damage faulty star

GT: Vendevastor

Have lots to trade. I play all characters.

I have one, and am willing to trade.

I’m looking for: Low level purple jacobs shotgun with 21/25 pellets, good cosmic stalker/peregrine/bounty hunters, good stinger, good version om, frozen heart with terror bullet deflection or ammo regen, whispering ice with ASE apply terror, Old Gods with ASE elements, Fire and Cryo old gods with Terror Ammo Regen, Terror cryo Unforgiven or URAD unforgiven, Terror Cryo Hellwalker and Psycho stabber

Also looking for ASE N2M, terror cryo or consec hits, Monarchs/Light shows/Gargoyle/Flippers, and any meta fl4k gun with terror cryo.