(XBOX)Looking for a redundant(x14) facepuncher with 300/90

Looking for both the redundant Face puncher 300/90 and psycho stabber 300/90. Gt: xenadox. Let me know if there’s anything you’re looking for. I’ve got quite a bit.

Not sure if I have a FP w/ 300 over 90 but I’ll check. Does it need to be redundant though?
What I’m looking for:
Knife Drain Static Charge with melee, cryo, mag size, shock damage rolls
St4ckbot, +3 Pack Tactics, +2 FatF with splash dmg, mag size, hyperion crit, crit, splash size, (hyperion) reload.
Muse Com with +3 Illuminated Fist, melee dmg, wpn dmg, hyperion crit, mag size
Do you have any of those?

It does need to be redundant, for that x14 pellets. Sadly, I don’t have any of the things you’re looking for. D;

Hey man, sorry it took so long. I couldn’t play over the weekend.
I check my bank and my wifes bank to no avail … I kinda thought I had one but I don’t.

Best of luck to you! Try farming Muldock in Floodmoor Basin. There’s a respawn station nearby so it’s quite quick (for consoles that is) …