Xbox - Losing control of characters

Im running into a weird issue now where single player or coop on xbox I’ll lose control of my character or my wife and I both lose control simultaneously. I can’t do anything or use the xbox home menu, but the game is playing and enemies are attacking me, but my character will move forward or spin around, whatever action I was doing when it froze my controls. I have to hold the xbox button down on console to reset. I’m not sure if this is an xbox and controller issue… the X button is lit up and not flashing on the controller. I have those new Bluetooth style controllers with a version 1 xbox. It’s unclear at this time and I’m going to be possibly upgrading to an xbox one x with that all access program coming out on Nov 18th. Maybe then I’ll find out. This only happens with borderlands 3 though so thats what makes me think its not console/controller related.