How many XBOX users? Matching is like a lotto … it does not fit.

The other night when I signed on, half my friend’s list was in Destiny 2…

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Sheer coincidence I guess?

Coincidence? I think not!

BB has been out for a while, and never had a huge player base. Destiny 2 is the new shiny hotness. There has been an influx of free trial players into Bots Battle since the last change, so that’s not quite so bad. Still, new game shiny is hard to resist.


Ps4 is same way. Even hard to get bots battle…

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I usualy play between 6pm and 10:30pm (Eastern time) on weekdays and I rarely wait for more than 3 minutes for a Bots Battle match.
Normal story usualy launch with 3-4 people after 4-5 minutes queue time (Advanced rarely match more than 2 or 3 players before launching).
OPs queues are dead but anyway they are best played solo or with people you know/trust if aiming for 100 points run.
I rarely play PvP but I don’t recall waiting more than 5-6 minutes for a match.

Edit: hmm… I just read the original post again and I believe I got it wrong, were you referencing skill disparity between players/teams? If so, that has always been an issue with the game, even when the player base was larger.

I think saltiness is killing pvp on PS4. What I’m seeing is skilled players grouping up together, then dodging when they see another skilled team. Then they sit in the que until they finally find a game against inexperienced players, which they will then stomp, resulting in a surrender within the first 10 mins or so.

What’s worse, skilled teams dodging other skilled teams creates TWO imbalanced matches, where as if they had just stayed togther, then the experienced groups could have played against each other, which would have been a far better matchup.

If people keep doing this then it’s gonna keep getting harder and harder to find a decent game.


Are they dodging the other team, or the map vote when it doesn’t go Incursion? Because I’ve seen the latter a few times.


Can’t really talk too much about PS4, I haven’t played enough games on there. It for sure was and honestly still is one of the big problems that turned PC into the ghosttown it is.

My favourite species of saltiness I encountered lately is those who queue up for Bots Battle, type “Go into PvP already” and then disconnect at map vote to let everyone wait for a match that doesn’t start.

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I hate when these LEET teams go all out on anybody, skilled or not. Well, by all out, I really mean all out - CC spam, taunting, backdooring. Mainly CC spam. Like can we just have fun with non-ultrameta characters? Pls no thorn, kelvin or boldur. None of those are fun to play against for me.


These are teams that know how to play meltdown. Besides you can see who dodges at the character select screen

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What is wrong with backdooring?


It’s a lot lazier than just pushing. It’s also a lot more boring and commonly used by people who can’t outsmart/outskill/outplay their opponent. Now sometimes, it’s warranted, like those pesky Kelvin-Ghalt-Thorn comps.


I believe it’s a viable strategy and not at all scummy


It’s too little risk for such a high reward, though. And Nova likes to cry Wolf a lot, so it’s hard to tell when someone is actually attacking your sentry. ISIC and Oscar are pro-backdoorers. Marquis and Thorn, maybe, but it’s a little more dangerous with them since they don’t have as great escapes. A little more dangerous, but entirely possible, not difficult.

Even Kleese cheesing the sentry from lane with Bouncy Mortars is better than backdooring (also more effective, in this specific case) That’s at least playing how it was designed to be (in my eyes). I doubt Gearbox accounted for backdooring during the development process.

However, someone attacking sentry from side while lane push is happening is NOT backdooring. I’m talkin’ no lane action near the sentry, just some lone dude going ham on the poor bot.


I just see backdooring as flanking. It scatters the enemy team and forces people to come off the front line.


I see flanking as someone attacking the enemy team from behind; not trying to solo the sentry*. It does scatter the team, but there’s no skill, no effort, no thought required. You’re forced to back off from that (probably) fun fight going on in the frontline, and crawl back to your sentry. You don’t have a choice. This would be okay if Backdooring was way riskier or required some semblance of thought and tactics.

*It is indeed flanking if the sentry is being targeted by other teammates/the lane fight has reached the sentry

It actually does require a lot of skill and thought. You have to be mindful enough to slip past the enemy team. You have to put in enough effort to do meaningful damage to the sentry, and you have to be skilled enough to either stay or make it out alive when things get too hot.

I mean it’s a solo mission. You need tons of awareness to pull it off.


I think that it depends on a few variables. First and foremost, the team comp. There is a team that has shown up on PS4 lately, which does nothing but: Run Boldur and Pendles to backdoor together, taking turns to draw the sentry’s aggro while the other attacks it; cheese the second sentry as Marquis or Toby on Echelon; or run CC-chaining comps. Almost every match i see played against them ends with them being absolutely slaughtered in stats, but they utilize these cheap tactics to win. Oh, and i should add that they usually dodge any mode that isn’t Incursion, if you didn’t guess who they are already.

Backdooring is a fair strategy in a hard-fought match; but running a comp that FOCUSES on backdooring to win is dishonorable, underhanded and inconsiderate towards the other team. They want to play a hard-fought match, not deal with Boldur backdooring…


If it gets you a team victory and you aren’t cheating in any way, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. This is a video game we’re talking about here, so throw words like honor out the window.

Now why some teams choose to play like there’s prize money on the line every game is beyond me. But I think I know which team you’re talking about. I played against them last night. If they do ■■■■ like that to pull off a win, then kudos to them for having s strategy in mind that had more depth than picking a good comp

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