On monuments, it’s usually a team mate attacking the thrall at the outer sentry. Although it could also be a member of the opposing team doing the same thing… (actually saw that in Bots Battle once - a sneaky AI Rath.)


Let’s say we’re talking about ISIC and Oscar here, the 2 most frequent participators. With each of those you can teleport/cloak.

Personally, I don’t see pointing and shooting and spamming skills as effort. But I don’t mean that in a snarky way.

Activate escape ability, or turn around and run.

None of these are difficult. You don’t have to pay attention to enemy team cooldowns, chaining of skills, enemy positioning, or your cooldowns in the first place.

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No thanks. I don’t leave my morality behind when i load up a game. You say it’s just a game? Well, what is a game’s purpose? To entertain; to have fun. Well, i’d bet my life that the majority of players don’t have fun dealing with nothing but CC-chaining and backdoor comps, just as i’d bet no one but those who engaged in it enjoyed cheesing on pre-fix Overgrowth as Marquis. Sure, you can make the argument that Battleborn is a competitive game where people play to win; there is even truth to it. Nor am i exempt from engaging in any of the aforementioned activities once in a while (we all have); but i constantly remind myself that the other team is comprised of real people too, and that they chose to spend their leisure time trying to enjoy Battleborn…

Either way, seeing as we have such a strong difference of opinion on the matter, and where neither side is going to give ground, i advocate that we let the matter rest- as most debates do -in the “agree to disagree” fasion.

@lucasatlive, to reiterate, because i don’t want my view on backdooring to be misconstrued by my last post, i do view it as a viable stategy that is fair…

In a hard-fought match where it is a last-ditch effort, or to distract and devide the enemy team; building a comp with INTENT to backdoor, and which offers up the least resistance to it, is where my problem lies… That’s all.


A lot of skilled players are on Destiny 2 right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly not everyone has your sense of honor and morality, cam. I wish they did. I truly think this game would have been better off if people could have limited themselves. There’s no real need to for overkill in a game like this; it’s easy to know when you’re beaten


I said skilled not god tier :grin:


I don’t; life would be boring to the point of pointless if everyone thought the same way. Plus, i get into it a lot with people over my view on honor. Ever edge-guard on Smash? I haven’t; and because of that, i lost a lot of my Smash friends who misinterpreted it as me thinking i was a better person than them. I won’t lie by saying that i don’t wish people were more considerate of others in games though. It’s scary, how easy it is to forget that the enemies on the other team are real people with the same human emotions…


See for example:


It’s easy to forget that about people on the other side of things in general. But that would be a long drawn out post that would be flagged for going off topic and potentially offending someone’s sensibilities.

And also this quote above was why i never bothered to get worthy of song before bots battle dropped

I’d like to address something in how I think, tactics vs strategy. Tactics is the short term “how do I win this fight”, strategy is “how do I win the war”

Yes, but you either have to time your back door for either when your team is fully engaged and most likely won’t pull back (or will die in the attempt) or they will immediately fall back to check the sentry for you and giving your team a bigger advantage in lane to gain ground.

And I’ll argue that Kleese is the worst backdoor character if an enemy team isn’t paying attention

And if the enemy team shifts their whole attention to you?


and this is exactly what most backdooring should be, a feint to draw the enemy into an unfavorable position. If they ignore the threat backdooring they’ll have to gamble that they can wipe the other teams sentry in the mean time.

I argue in favor of tactical options because most people like to play a straight up slug fest it seems


Right now most of the five mans on ps4 fit into one of three categories.

  1. Casual five mans. Just five friends playing together, not super competitive or maybe not even that good. They just play together regularly.

  2. Tryhards. Best way to put these guys is as @supernovasnipe did at one point: “When you’re bad at the game and need to play cancer”. These guys stomp in pubs but get their teeth kicked in by more serious teams. Often abuse meta comps even against solo teams just because they recognize one or two people on the enemy team. Right now There’s only two of note left: PC squad and Sillindur’s team.

  3. The Asian Justice Reague and friends. Five man’s consisting of the best players on ps4 that got together in a chat originally purposed to provide practice for Dunk Squad with PS4 controllers for Choctaw. Later became a chat for finding 10 mans with the best players available and now is a Destiny 2 chat. Usually these players only get into full teams if they are trying to snipe another five man in public queue. The majority of these players (read at least 95%) are playing Destiny 2 right now and have only been on Battleborn if there are server issues with Destiny 2.

All that being said, right now on ps4 is a good time for more casual players as there is only a couple of teams that you have to worry about stomping every game they play.

On the topic of back dooring: I have no ■■■■■ to give about it. If you can’t punish someone leaving lane and turning the game into a 4v5, or lack the situational awareness to prevent ONE PERSON from soloing your sentry,you deserve to lose your sentry.


Huh, I know sillindur, don’t know the pc squad


To avoid breaking the rules, i will ask @MeltedCow to invite you to our PM.

Also, i 100% agree with @blainebrossart1’s descriptions, and agree that, short of the single queue BS, now is a good time for mostly even matches between casual players.


What about Ighosts’s squad? They’re still playing


I’m aware. See #2


@MeltedCow, invite @lucasatlive too… :smirk:


While I was taking a break from destiny 2 while server maintenance was happening me and my friendo, @vagrantsun, ran into one of those “skilled” 5 mans. They dodged us in a duo a solid 4 times in a row.


THey dodge you guys but wreck everyone else by using extreme cancer


Sorry bout that, was away from the compe :S


I was looking for a word to put there. I suppose I could have left it at thought.

I think I agree but I don’t? But I do? It’s kinda difficult to say. Let me try again. Oscar Mike and ISIC are powerful backdoorers, this is because of their high-damage primaries, good self-protecting capabilties, but most especially their very helpful escapes. They can zoom in and out to not bother getting hit. Neither of them are particularly central or too important to a team. Foxtrot makes a better consistent DPS(alongside a ton of other characters beating Oscar in waveclear), Toby makes a better artillery support (Let’s not make this an ISIC discussion, but I think you can see what I mean), so it’s probable that if one of them went missing, no one would notice until they see the sentry is legitimately under attack. If your team is fully engaged, well that should happen 85% of the time, so it’s not a difficult prerequisite to reach at all. And that’s the secondary benefit of backdooring; the other team will fall back to check their sentry to see what’s happening. The problem is, there’s no effort or risk to doing it (at least with these two). Even if they push your team up a bit, they will eventually have to fall back and protect their sentry. The longer they wait, the more damage is being dealt. If they send one person, it’s someone who can win in a 1v1, and those characters are actually important.

I do think Kleese is not a good backdoor. I was just using him as an example in case someone said it’s like cheesing the sentry from lane. Just in case.

By the time they all get on you, well, for one thing you should already be halfway home. But in the event that does not happen, like you got slowed a lot or something, their team is vulnerable to a bum-whoopin by yours. Your team will capitalize on their lack of attention. If they killed some of your team before chasing you, you’ve likely done significant damage to their sentry by the time they decided to go after that pesky backdoorer.

My point is, to reiterate: Backdooring is a simple process that is too high reward for how low risk it is. You pull their entire team off yours, or you kill an objective by yourself. Either way you win and there’s nothing they can do about it if you slip past them. Which is not difficult given the amount of sidepaths in this game.

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OMG!!! another team that dodges non-Incursion!?!?!? ^^