Xbox One Achievement and Controller Vibration Issues

Ok. This has to be happening to more than just me. I have achievement notifications turned on, and i have my controller vibration function turned on (both in game, and in my xbox settings).

HOWEVER, every time I play the handsome collection on my xbox one, I don’t see any achievements pop up on my screen when I earn them like they do in every other game I play. Instead, when I’m done playing, I go to the achievement app to see that I just got like 10 or so achievements. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

Also, the fact that I have vibration functions turned on in game, and none of my brand new controllers will vibrate concerns me.

Comment if this is also happening to you, and hopefully this will start to trend enough that gearbox will take a look at it and fix it!


achievements are popping for me today. that means either they fixed that part, or it’s working off and on. vibration still isn’t working.

I’m having the same issue in both BL2 and BPS on Xbox One. Sometimes the vibration starts working half way selecting and de-selecting the per-shot vibration option, but it doesn’t fix it for good. Definitely a bug.

Question: Are you experiencing this with the digital or the disc version. I have this problem with the digital version. Haven’t tried the disc install.

I have the disc version.

Probably a dumb question, but I’ll just suggest it as a possibility - are your controllers up-to-date? I’m wondering if there’s a possibility that not having the most recent firmware update on the controllers themselves would cause the vibration issue. I picked up the disc install yesterday and haven’t (yet) experienced either of the issues you brought up.

Hi guys, the team is aware of these issues and investigating. Thanks for your continued patience!

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how do i update a controller? i had no idea that was a thing.

thanks joe! we don’t wanna come off as ungrateful. i know fixing this stuff does take time. just don’t make the same mistakes 343 did with the master chief collection… still waiting on that patch lol

You can connect your controller to your XB1 with a USB cable. I can’t recall if one was included in the box, but I use the same one for my Kindle - normal USB on one side and a miniUSB on the other.

Once you do that, go to Settings and then Devices & Accessories. You should see the controller listed, select it, and you can then use the Update option.

Not sure it will fix this, but I do know there have been at least 2 updates for the controller. One of them made it connect a lot quicker when you turned it on, which is really nice.

I just fully updated both my controllers. now it starts off barely vibrating for a minute or two, then fading to not vibrating at all for the rest of the time. by “barely vibrating” i mean the weakest little vibrations you’ve ever felt from firing a gun in a game. it’s super lame.

Yeah, same here. Controller furmware update didn’t have any effect on the bug. I’m glad the Gearbox team is aware of it and working in it. :smile: Thanks for the tip though!

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Just an update – team is making good progress on this one! No firm ETA on update yet, but things are looking up.


thanks jeffy!!!

let me know when it does get fixed. until then, i’m just playing dark souls 2.

Any new updates @Jeffybug? Apparently quite a few users are still waiting for a patch based on reports I see here, Twitter and other support boards. Is there an ETA on the patch / hot fix at least?

Still no ETA, but like always, we’ll post update imminent + update notes as soon as timing is locked in :slight_smile:

I haven’t played in a long time. (finally discovered diablo 3). is this issue resolved yet?

Yep! The May 19 update addressed controller vibration issues: Hot Fix / Update Information -- Xbox One (Updated 1/25/2016)

NO ESTÁ ARREGLADA LA VIBRACIÓN, debería de simplemente añadir la opción… vibración ON o vibración OFF, es fácil, pero parece que hacer eso es mucho trabajo ¿no?.

NOT ARRANGED vibration, should simply add the option … vibration ON or OFF, is easy, but it seems to do a lot of work right ?.