Xbox One Achievement Stats Missing, + Other Fixes Needed

  1. For BL3 all that is listed is Time Played. Are we going to get a full list of stats added at some point similar to that of BL2?
  2. Can we please get a shortcut added to the Crew Challenges screen that takes you to the Character Challenges? Currently they are buried at the Galaxy View and a pain to get to.
  3. FL4K and Pet Collision Detection. Currently FL4K can walk through his pets which is not a bad thing, it makes it so you can’t get stuck waiting for them to move. However, this is not true for the pets. They can bump into and even push FL4K around if in a tight space. And just about every time you will be lining up a shot on an enemy and your pet will push you to get past making you miss the shot. This is very irritating.
  4. Console Aim Assist seems different from BL2. Can we get an option to use BL2 style Aim Assist or at least look at improving what is currently there? It is not as good as it was in BL2.
  5. Loot Box Animation. Love that all ammo and currencies are set to auto pickup. However, in the heat of battle and needing ammo, it sucks to have to wait for the containers animation to finish before the auto pickup kicks in. I get that the animation is part of the aesthetics of the game, but getting downed because you needed ammo and had to wait for an animation to finish playing is a bit much.
  6. Backpack Exit. Why do we now have to have two presses of the B button to exit the backpack?
  7. Backpack sorting. It would be nice if when sorting it did not wrap to the next type/brand/etc. BL2 had a break line and even Type Names separating things when you sorted. Would be nice if this was still a feature in BL3.