Xbox one achievements bugged

I’ve filed tickets for this for a couple weeks. Haven’t gotten an update from support in a while. The Master of All you survey achievement is bugged. I have all locations discovered but no achievement unlocked. It’s my last one to unlock the ultimate vault Hunter one. Before this, city slicker was bugged. I had to do some run around bs to unlock it and same for the pandora one. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.

I’ve been a loyal gearbox fan. Straight up, even battleborn. But there are so many bugs in this game. And the hot fixes I feel like are only addressing issues that nobody really has issue with. Pretty awful. Fix the frame rate drops, the laggy servers, and the achievement/progress bugs. Still a fan, just help us out GB.

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Do you have all 223 locations in Galaxy progress?

Yep all done.

I’ve ran all proving grounds on normal and tvhm. My 100 proof will not unlock which is also keeping me from unlocking ultimate vault hunter achievement as well and having another 100% on my profile. Hope they work out the achievements sooner than later. I feel like it’s on the back burner with all the other fixes they’re doing.

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