[Xbox One] Achievements not unlocking

Just downloaded the game and Lilith dlc. I haven’t got any achievements yet at level 11. Playing borderlands 2.

Did you start the new character completely from scratch, or did you import a save from the 360 version? Also, make sure you’re signed in to your XBL account.

Completely from scratch. I am signed in.

That is very odd. Can you check that your game is saving your progress properly? You should have a non-zero size game data partition visible via “Manage this app”. And, obviously, a save/quit/restart should spawn you back as the same level character on the same map.

Saved data is 48.8 KB. Saving and resuming works fine. I tried a second character to level 5 and still nothing.

That is very odd. All I can suggest is filling a support ticket. You may want to file a report with MS as well.

Yeah I’ll have to file a ticket. Reinstalling the game hasn’t solved the problem.

Ok, I fixed it. Turns out it was a problem affecting many of my downloaded games, but not ones for which I have a physical disc. I solved it by going to Settings > System > Console Info, and selecting reset console > Keep all games and apps.

Problem solved. Thanks for the assistance.

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