(Xbox One) All my Gunzerker's OP levels got reset back to 0! Does anyone out there have 72 gear for him?

Details: I hardly ever use my Gunzerker and only had an OP 8 Gunzerker for helping friends get through Digistruct with their characters. I played my Gunzerker so little that I hadn’t even completed normal mode.

I finally decided to get him to UVHM so I could mix up the gameplay more. Once I beat normal mode I got the message “Congratulations you unlocked True Vault Hunter mode”. I load up True Vault Hunter Mode and it unequipped all of my OP 8 gear. Once I “unlocked” true vault hunter mode, it reset all OP Levels despite me completing all the Digistruct courses years ago with my dad.

I’m looking for a blue 72 True Neutral Monk with 6 in moneyshot and a 10 mag Gentlemans Pimpernel (Preferably slag). I got lucky and got the 5 mag Deep a Creamer pretty quickly. However, I have been farming for the True Neutral Monk mod for 2 weeks for hours yielding no results. I have found countless True Neutral Mods for every other class excpet for the Gunzerker’s! […] I’ve always played 100% vanilla, but this is extremely frustrating and I just want to power through Digistruct as fast as possible.

Since you had completed everything in your Dad’s game, this is expected behaviour. You need to complete UVHM in your own game before the OP levels will be available there. The good news is that, if you’ve played any of the main story in TVHM co-op, you should get an option to fast-forward through those bits.

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Thank you for the help.

This song sounds familiar :wink:

I have lvl 72 gear…I play on lvl 72 exclusive because I don’t have a lot of extra time to do the Digi runs,I have two pimpernels (barking and Banbury),a lady fist, a grog (61st),interfacers,the Harold etc etc,and a few lgndy mods for sal

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I know I have one lvl 72 character left with an entire bank full of 72 gear. Should be mostly perfect parts on it all as well if you still need it.