Xbox One Bank items gone

So I just loaded up my game, and after farming some legendaries I went to my bank to find that my preorder items, blues, purples, and a few legendaries that I was planning on giving to a new character are all gone. This is extremely frustrating because after having read other peoples posts we probably can’t get our gear back? If so my desire to continue playing has died a little (they were all low level guns that my current character can’t use anymore so its not a HUGE deal but its the principle). If a storage system in game isn’t safe then what is?

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Same. I even lost the weapons you get for preordering the deluxe version, sooo quite literally lost real money. I’ve only played solo so far, so there is no link to co-op/multiplayer and the bug.

Same here! The toy weapons are among what I lost and I’ve only played solo just like you. Wow. Just wow. This is crazy.