Xbox One Battleborn Competitive Matches // Tournament

Hello all!

We at are thinking of hosting a Battleborn tournament or atleast hosting some competitive matches.

We want to try and gauge some interest so if you have a full team and would like to play against us on twitch let us know!

In regards to a tournament if there is enough interest we could work on setting up an actual tournament. We all play on Xbox One so it would be focused on that console.

Thanks and hope to see you in game! -
Happy Hour Arcade

Hey, Happy Hour, my team and I would love to participate in any sort of Xbox related tournament and help troubleshoot any issues/fixes we might need to address for future events. Just keep us in the loop.
Chris Roeper, Jr.

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Great! We would need to try and see how many teams we can pull together and see if we could make a viable tournament or just have some awesome competitive matches. Thanks for showing interest!

Certainly interested, even if no tournament ends up being viable, playing custom games is much better than playing pubs! Add HK Dr Typo, my team is interested in all you’re offering.

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Hello, I’m interested in participating in a tourney. I can scrounge up a team for competitive play. Gt is Sho The Reaper

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Hey, I too am interested in any sort of tournament play or competitive matches. I have a team more than willing to participate. Keep me posted please.
GT= EpicWillPower

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To all who responded. We are going to be streaming Battleborn tomorrow on twitch and if my team is available we can do Private Matches live.

The more hype and dedication we can show in regards to actual competitive games the closer we could get to hosting an actual tournament.

What game modes do you all like to play?

definitely not trying to derail your thread, but i am trying to put together private matches as well on xb1. here is a link to my thread: Private match assembly. XB1. Rules included
you guys should consider putting in some rules. i strongly suggest rare and below gear, and disabling galilea until she is patched. at the competitive level, you can’t reasonably have a tournament or match that contains a character that the developers themselves have stated is inherently broken and awaiting a huge rework.

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In regards to your thought of rules we will definitly consider allowing each team to impose a Character Ban, perhaps one each similiar to how some MLG MOBA’s do. If every team continues to choose Galilea then so be it, personally she doesn’t scare me :slight_smile: .

Does your post mean you are interested or was it just a post to link your own thread :wink: haha

Me and my team could get behind this for sure.

Gametypes, Meltdown and capture.

Gamertag- Landyachtz3153

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My team would love to get in on this. message me on the details? GT: ScumbagSoul

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i support what you are doing, so i posted in your thread. but supporting and being willing to participate are two different matters. i am more interested in just finding good, balanced matches in general. i personally do not find galilea to be able to exist in such a match. i have killed many a galilea in my time on bb. but i am not naive enough to let my own successes cloud my judgment of facts

Well if your pure dislike for Galilea is enough to stop you being “willing to participate” then I guess that’s that.

Her appearance, or lack there of, could be rectified by simply having each team get 1 or 2 character bans before the teams are selected. I would not want to start off by removing her right off the bat. I understand that a really good squad with a really good Gal player would be difficult however I still feel confident in my own and my teams ability.

I have a team who would LOVE to join up in your tourney. Please let me know when you have more information.

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Awesome :). I will add you to a message thread we currently have going with interested teams.

Sweet thanks, I’ll give you my gamertag when I get home from work. It got changed because the old one was inappropriate lol

i am not naive or arrogant enough to think that there is no one out there that would be evenly matched to my skill level. in an evenly skilled encounter, kit wins out. even if you’re the best player on earth, there’s no reasonable rationalization to allow a character that is awaiting a patch and the developers themselves have stated is broken. whether you can roll her or not does not change any of those obvious absolute truths. you have to think about the fact that you are hosting a tournament. it is more about the other players than it is you

Understood in regards to the tournament being about the players and not myself. That is why we are are having Character Bans. If every single team that is interested in the tournament all have the same feelings as you then the Gal ban may be worth it. From my perspective I don’t think the ban is worth it and would be handled by allowing the team to do the Character bans.

Also you can quote me all day in regards to saying I am confident in my team. Not sure why you would label that at naivety and arrogance. We appreciate you supporting the XB1 movement and the reasoning for this post (even though you entered by posting your own forum post) but no need to continue to push how you feel when its been addressed multiple times above already.

I’ve got enough friends to get a solid team together for a tournament. Please include me in any further discussions.

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added you to the group convo :smiley: