Xbox One Battleborn Matchmaking Woes

Anybody else getting horribly matched teams. 4 100 levels vs a team with 3 single digits! Makes the game unplayable!

Happens every now and then. Yesterday me and a buddy queued up for a few games, and we were the only people in about 5 games above 25 on our team, but we still won. Command Rank isn’t necessarily a good representation of skill. I’ve seen phenomenal level 8 players, and I’ve seen terrible level 100s. Just a matter of the individual skill set. My matches have been (for the most part) fairly good. No huge blowouts either side unless one tactically takes out 4 players. But one for one skill, I feel like they have been fair.

When 3/5ths of your team havent even selected gear, it can be downright dreadful. Battleborn is my favorite game right now and it sux that a few nights matches are epic but most are either blowout wins or blowout losses. They changed matchmaking into competitive and casual and spotlight but then quickly changed it back, anyone know why?

Lots of people complaining about n9t having a choice in what game mode they wanted to play.

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