Xbox One BL1 split screen no sound!

Greetings! Very recently downloaded BL1 for Xbox one bc, however after choosing split screen from the main menu, as soon as player two joins on the next screen, all the sound cuts out! I can’t find anything about this online. If player two leaves this screen and I return to the title menu, the sound returns. I just cant figure it out, any ideas?

May be a bug in the virtual 360 code? I’ll see if I can reproduce this when I get home tonight.

Loooooooooooooooooooooool just figured this out right after posting this thread. My 4y old son has messed about with his settings, turning audio down etc, so when he joins a game he imports these settings and everything turns off … haha well sorted now, thanks for the help offer anyhow!

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We’ve all been there @Ollyjj!

I’ll close the thread now since the issue was resolved.

Happy Hunting!