Xbox one BL2 and TPS Friends

Seeing as I can never find a match in game I thought I’d try leaving a message on here.
If anyone is interested in playing either BL2 or TPS add me on xbox GT is Stonedtrippy or send me a message if you playing. Please don’t ask me to add you on here as I don’t check the replies often and I don’t want to seem rude lol :smile:

yo all i play is tps and gotta a small group of homies on there if ur down my gt is PHXlove2009

I’ve played about 30 hours with an open game, and have maybe had 3 people join during that whole time. ive also only maybe ever seen 3 games up to join total. I think their matchmaking is horribly broken…

At least you can find public games and have ppl join yours. For the past 2 weeks I have not seen one public game nor has anyone joined mine. Im either thinking my game is horribly corrupted or this really isn’t a popular game on next gen consoles. Regardless, add my gt: frixity i mainly play bl2 but just started playing tps.

That was about a month ago. I quite literally haven’t seen a single person, or game since. either nobody plays at all, or it’s just horribly broken.

I’m Down for Running with any of you guy’s if you’re looking for Team members have mic and everything So feel free to Add me Gt’s DemonBerserker thxs

i have a level 50 Kreig and a level 14 Salvador GT=WofulRaptor